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Customer Reviews

  • Works Great

    My family and I hike all over the world. At first we had our doubts about trying this wristband. After our 16th excursion using this product I can honestly say that this is an excellent product. It is simple to use and keeps all flying pests away. I usually don’t do reviews but I just wanted to share what a great nontoxic product this is at very low price.

    – By Hiker Dad

  • They Worked Wonderfully

    I have 23 grandchildren and these really work. We took them on camping trips and lake trips and NO one was bothered. A great item I have ordered another case for storage, for our cabin, and houseboat.

    – By Bobbi W.

  • Cannot Live Without Them

    My kids were getting eaten alive. This very discrete, fun band keeps the mosquitos away. They are good for multiple uses if you put them in a baggy. Definitely go for the industrial size box if you live in the woods. I have some in my glove compartment, the kids bags, the boat….Take them anywhere.

     - By Monstermama

  • He Loves Them So Much

    My husband used these first at work. He works for a large powerline construction company and they provide these for their workers while they are working out in the field. (i.e. the woods, fields, anywhere you can imagine outdoors where they are exposed to a variety of insects). He loves them so much, we ordered some for our own use. He swears by them. He puts one on his hard hat, one on his ankle and swears it keep the bugs away. It may be a coincidence, but he says he hasn’t had a tick on him either, since using them. Citronella scent. Great product.

    – By Tammy H

  • Love Love LOVE These

    My son is horribly allergic to mosquito bites and swells up significantly whenever he is bitten. We stumbled on these and they work very well. My son likes how they smell and I like how well they work…..finally a summer without bites!

    – By Weilimin

  • These Bands Work

    These really work and at this price we can share them. We are in Dominican Republic so it is mosquito season all year. Great product. We don’t have to smear chemicals on us, these bands work.

    – By Andre C.