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Long Lasting Insect Repellent Products

Insect Repelling Bugbutton
Insect Repelling BugButton:

Like all other Evergreen Products, the BugButton is made from natural oils. The repellent becomes active once the seal is opened and it remains active for up to 200 hours.

Insect Repelling Dryer Disks

Insect Repelling Dryer Disk:

Is a disk made form natural non-toxic oils mixed in the product. It is easy to toss in the dryer with your clothes.

Insect Repelling Mosquito Eliminator

Insect Repelling Mosquito Eliminator:

It can be hung anywhere to repel against any type of insects. It can be hung under umbrellas, baby strollers and golf bags. It is prepared from pure natural oils which make it safe to use for all ages and even pets. Once activated it can last up to 220 hours

Insect Repelling Superband

Insect Repelling Superband:
The Superband is a customer favorite.  It creates an invisible shield around the body which keeps bugs away for up to 200 hours.

Tips to make the bug repellents last longer

The most important advice for the application of any bug repellent is the way and the place where the bug repellent is applied. Evergreen Products™ come in sealed packs and the bug repellents are activated once the seal is opened. The seal should be opened at the time of use when insects are active. The application of an insect repellent should be followed by the application of a sun block lotion. After use: if stored in sealed bags can prolong effectiveness.