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Natural Oils

Natural Oils

Insect repellents can be broadly classified into chemical and natural insect repellents. Chemical insect repellents like DEET have been proven to be effective in insect repulsion but they can have a major drawback in terms of side effects. Case reports of toxicity from DEET have been well documented in the medical literature and range from rashes, dizziness, headache, nausea and in rare cases death.  In addition, several of the reported cases of significant toxicity from DEET are in children under the age of eight.

Natural insect repellents are made from natural oils. Natural insect repellents can be used to repel insects without the worry of harmful side effects. They can be safely applied to people of all age groups and are safe to use for pets.

Essential Natural Oils used as Insect Repellents

Natural oils used for insect repulsion are as follows:

  • • Citronella Oil
  • • Philippine Geranium Oil
  • • Indonesian Lemon grass Oil
  • • Cedar oil
  • • Neem oil
  • • Eucalyptus oil
  • • Catnip oil
  • • Sunflower oil
  • • Soybean oil

Evergreen Products™ makes its unique natural insect repellent products using natural oils. Evergreen's non-toxic insect repellent products are made by injecting a specifically crafted blend of natural oils know for their insect repelling properties into plastic.  The plastic is molded into insect repelling products such as; the Superband®, the Mosquito Eliminator™, the Bugbutton®, and the Dryer Disc™.

Why Are Natural Oils Better?

The use of natural oils as an insect repellent is one of the wisest choices you can make for yourself and your family. The biggest advantage that our customers have is that our products use only natural oils that are non-toxic and safe with no side effects. Other advantages for using natural insect repelling products:

  • • The scent of natural oils relieves and calms the body
  • • These insect repellents are water based and hence won’t pollute the atmosphere
  • • The application of these insect repellents is very easy; no messy sprays or lotions
  • • These insect repellents are non-toxic

Preparation of Natural Insect Repelling Oil Products

Evergreen's products are made from natural oils such as: Citronella Oil, Geranium Oil and Lemon Grass Oil.   These are all considered essential oils. The selected oils are injected into the products and molded into the BugButton®, SuperBand®, Mosquito Eliminator™ and Dryer Disc™. These insect repelling products are completely recyclable once they are no longer effective.

Safe for you and your family!

With more than 120,000,000 units sold worldwide, our productscontinue to be the best natural protection available against biting insects. Evergreen's products are DEET-Free. DEET is a toxic substance that is used to repel insects but has very dangerous side effects.
Evergreen Products™ makes its unique natural insect repellent products using natural oils.  Evergreen's products are non-toxic with no known side effects and are suitable for all ages and pets. The oils that are used in Evergreen's products are included in the United States Environmental Protection Agency Federal Registry list of minimum risk pesticides.  The active ingredients contained in this list are a special class of pesticides that are not subject to federal registration requirements because the ingredients are demonstrably safe for their intended use.