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Natural Insect Repelling Oils

Natural oils are one of the best and safest ingredients that can act as an insect repellent when compared to DEET. Some of the insect repelling organic oils are as follows:

Preparation of Natural Insect Repelling Oils

Bug Button uses a unique way to prepare insect repellents with the help of oils. First of all the oil is injected into the plastic structure  and after this the plastic is molded into the insect repelling super band. This is followed by the transformation of these plastic products into time released wristbands and buttons which give a pleasant smell to humans.

Advantages of Natural Insect Repelling Oils

Natural insect repelling oils are very effective against mosquitoes, deer ticks and other pests. Some of the advantages of insect repelling oils are as follows:

  • » They remove insects very quickly.
  • » The smell of the oil relieves and calms the body.
  • » It is non-toxic.
  • » It is very easy to apply on body.
  • » Many oil based insect repellents serve the dual purpose of sunscreen to protect them from sun and insect at the same time.
  • » These repellents are water based which give them a soothing smell.

Safety issues of Natural Insect Repelling Oils

The natural insect repelling oils are non-toxic and very safe for every age group. These repellents do not harm pets also. These natural insect repellents are primarily made from essential oils derived from plant sources so they are non-toxic and are as effective as DEET. Most of the oils repellents contain water instead of alcohol. As water is less volatile than alcohol it remains on the skin for a longer period of time. Water is non-toxic so there are no side effects of the repellents which use water. Water-based oil repellents have a soothing smell.

If you need more information about Oils as insect repellent or you have specific questions please contact us.