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Outdoor Activities

Why are outdoor insects a problem?

Outdoor Activity 1 Insect bites result in itchy spots because through these bites they transmit their saliva into the human body which creates an allergic skin reaction.
List of Outdoor Insects
There are many types of outdoor insects. Some of the most common types that are found in USA are as follows:

  • • Mosquitoes
  • • Biting flies
  • • Fleas
  • • Ticks
  • • No See Ums
  • • Gnats

Enjoy Outdoor Activities without Annoying Insects
Evergreen Products makes its unique natural insect repellent products using natural oils. Evergreen's non-toxic insect repellent products are made by injecting a specifically crafted blend of natural oils know for their insect repelling properties into plastic.  The plastic is molded into insect repelling products such as; the Superband®, the Mosquito Eliminator™, the Bugbutton®, and the Dryer Disc™.  Evergreen's products can be used while enjoying all of your favorite outdoor activities. Outdoor Activity Insect Repellent